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MYX Fitness & Beachbody

By November 15, 2022November 30th, 2022One Comment

Beachbody’s official listing and three-way merger with MYX signals to the industry that the at-home fitness market has some serious competition.  

Beachbody has been a staple in many American homes since the early 90’s. Now with more than 2.6million paid digital subscribers and an engaged community to match, this merger with MYX will most certainly cause a stir.  With the addition of MYX’s connected fitness offering, innovative personalized reporting all at an affordable price means these brands will be accessible to even greater audience. 

“With the acquisition of MYX, cutting edge technology meets best in-class streaming content – and we will continue to redefine the at home fitness experience…”  Carl Daikeler Beachbody’s co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

We couldn’t be more delighted for both these brands. Being instrumental in the creation of a product that enabled the uniting of two awesome brands has been a real honor for us. Designing and building software and hardware that created substantial market value interest to be acquired by Beachbody meant that nothing was left off the table to address the need to envision a superior bike experience. Refined exterior aesthetics to cutting edge interior engineering has made this one of the most advanced at-home tablets on the market.

As the fitness ecosystem evolves and brands seek to find their place in the market we know that this merger will be one to watch. Congratulations to both Beachbody and MYX, we are excited for what is to come! 

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