SweatWorks is going through a revolution. It is our time to make a real difference that really matters: make health and fitness more accessible to more people. We are industry leaders, game-changers and creative thinkers who are improving people's lives through our relentless drive to surface forward-thinking opportunities and exceed expectations both in technology and wellness. As we grow and develop our people-centric culture, we will positively impact more lives through our design and innovation.

Innovation is the fuel that keeps our curiosity burning

Uncovering opportunities to make fitness products engaging, meaningful and valuable is what keeps us at the edge of our seats. Shedding light on dark spots, fearlessly treading into the unknown and smartly pursuing high-value, first-to-market business ideas is how we consistently empower fitness brands beyond the status quo.


Creating healthier people through design and code development is not just our job, its our mission


Custom-designed hardware to deliver fitness experiences that drive engagement and inspire brand loyalty


Leverage the power of AI to deliver a personalized experience based on lifestyle habits, patterns, and trends



Hardware is the distinctive touchpoint to your product.

Industrial design defines the allure to energize an individuals visceral connection. Our creative approach to hardware design opens up conversations about opportunities and possibilities. From external look and feel, fully custom internal electronics or sourcing partners, we’re experienced handling the most complex of projects.

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Innovation in design and code development comes from a deep understanding of the audience that will be using our software platforms. Our “fitness focus” gives us a truly unique perspective to create exceptional software experiences. Whether it’s iterating the UX/UI experience to perfection or experimenting with code engineering, ultimately we strive to create amazing products that promote making more people fitter.

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Personalizing the Fitness Industry

Artificial Intelligence technology has surged in recent time and we continue to push the boundaries of its integration into the products we develop. AI functions in a variety of ways such as, user analytics and reporting, lifestyle notifications and form correction. Though complex in implementation, we continue to discover exciting use cases and the power of data.

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