Samsung and STRAVA

Samsung Galaxy Watches represent the second most popular wearable watch in the market. With the ability to be completely independent from a phone, the fitness applications for the Galaxy Watch are growing at a rapid pace. The widely popular fitness app, STRAVA, a social fitness network that is used to track cycling, running, and other gps activities, was being sought after by Samsung. Samsung was interested in expanding their reach by offering an application such as this. Strava had an iOS version of the app, but lacked the technology required to be supported by Samsung devices.


SweatWorks, with its Tizen experience and deep knowledge of wearables ranging from heart rate, GPS location, and live tracking, designed and provided the architectural support to build a completely custom application for the use of STRAVA on a Samsung device. The engagement resulted in the enablement of Strava users to track their fitness through their watch, and opening the door for Samsung watch users to join the popular social fitness community that is Strava.