After a successful product launch, MYX Fitness moved quickly to iterate its tablet design.

With a growing user base and a clear vision of the MYX user, MYX Fitness wanted to elevate the appearance of the hardware and increase the speed of the software. Though the introductory tablet had been off to a great start, MYX did not hesitate to move into the future with big plans for an upcoming, major software release complemented by a totally new, sleek tablet.


Armed with first-generation feedback, we set out to improve all areas of the first tablet. From exterior aesthetics to interior engineering, nothing was left off the table. The exterior goal was to create an elevated tablet concentrating on the details. Easy reach buttons, integrated mounting arm and sculpted edges push the envelope of space savings. The totally redesigned interior allows for additional speakers in half the space! A faster chipset, custom-engineered GymKit module, and Apple Watch compatibility make this one of the most advanced at-home tablets on the market.
Custom Home Tablet