Bear Grylls



Building Bear Grylls’ Revolutionary New Survival Challenge from the Ground Up

IMG and Bear Grylls Ventures set out to create a unique event that would engage participants like never before. An obstacle course style challenge, but with a survival twist. The integral part of the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge was the survival score, and the scoring system used to provide tracking and accurate results. SweatWorks was challenged to create different ways to presume your survivability within the different challenges and create a system that would measure all of these categories based on time, and present it back to the crowd in a way that was clear and understandable.


IMG engaged SweatWorks to create and manage all aspects of the Survival Score system. The project resulted in nearly 30 radio-frequency identification (RFID) points throughout the course that was integrated with a custom, cloud-based, gamification system. Most events like this are in locations where wifi is not available for scoring and tracking purposes. SweatWorks was challenged to set up systems that can function amongst themselves while keeping service. In addition, IMG enlisted the help of Conquest Events – SweatWorks’ event platform to host and maintain the event in its entirety. The entire foundational code structure of the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge was modeled after conquest events.

SweatWorks was able to deploy a revolutionary and innovative technology utilizing proprietary software that forever changed the way Bears Grylls could integrate technology into their events while opening doors they never imagined.