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SweatWorks & UK Active

By November 30, 2022No Comments

COVID-19 has changed consumer behaviour now and forever. The consumer has adapted across all areas of their life, from how they work, to how they shop, to how they entertain themselves and how they incorporate wellness.

Our recent Digital Lab report “The Evolved Consumer” written by our Founder & CEO Mohammed highlighted the dramatic shift in digital usage. Trends that were projected to take decades to adopt, happened in the blink of an eye. This speed of change and seismic shift in habits highlighted an opportunity in how health and fitness brands communicate with their customers. 

This shift in consumer behaviour has put even more pressure on brands to design and create a digital experience that is both seamless and engaging. The expectations of members and how they interact with their gym, gym equipment, Personal Trainer and health provider is higher than ever.

As a business owner, where do you start? How and where should you invest money and resources? These decisions can be overwhelming. And whilst commercial chains may have money and resource, and boutiques and studios may have community and engagement it’s how each of these leverages both aspects in order to create a digital future. 

When we collaborate with our clients we make it a priority to help them understand what is needed. Emphasizing the role of internal product owners, experts who will work alongside them to ensure the product evolves in a manageable fashion.. We delve into their brand, focusing on their vision and establishing the north star for digital. 

We are very excited to share our digital fitness insights as part of UK Active’s Digital Futures Strategy. Alongside Sport England we will be informing and advising on how UK operators navigate the digital landscape. 

The scope of the initiative will begin by evaluating the sector’s current digital position and its effectiveness through a sector-wide consultation, supported by Rewrite Digital. This consultation will aim to help identify the challenges and opportunities for digital adoption. 

Following the analysis, we will be working with select strategic partners to publish a white paper to be released and presented at the UK Active conference in London this October. 

Steven Scales, Director of Membership and Sector Development at ukactive, said: “The Digital Futures strategy is a significant moment in the recovery journey of the sector moving through the pandemic.

“Based on clear insight, the ability to compare and contrast business capability and, importantly, the needs of the consumer will be headline priorities of the strategy.

“Working with key industry partners and members, the Digital Futures strategy, alongside reports and the ability to self-assess against business need, will be key industry assets to enable the sector’s recovery, and further enhance the consumer journey and experience.”

Allison Savich, Strategic Lead for Data & Innovation at Sport England, said: “We have an opportunity to use the disruption COVID-19 has brought to accelerate progress – to reinvent as more agile, inclusive and resilient organisations and to change the way we do things to better meet the needs of everyone, in every community.

“We support this insight-driven approach to identify the challenges and opportunities that digital should support.”

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