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March 17, 2022SW Brand Summary: Tempo

An overview of Tempo.

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March 1, 2022Fitt Insider: Rowing Wars

As the fitness industry tries to find its footing, a few modalities and content formats, in particular, are gaining traction.

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March 1, 2022State of Visual Collaboration by Invision

In the world of hybrid and remote work, visual collaboration is your key to engaging employees, increasing productivity, and uncovering innovative ideas.

February 25, 2022SW Brand Summary: Tonal

An overview of Tonal.

, sw-brand-summary tonal
February 25, 2022SW Brand Summary: Peloton

An overview of Peloton.

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February 23, 2022Startup Q&A: Speede Fitness Co-founder Dan Mooney

In this Q&A, you’ll hear from Dan Mooney, co-founder of Speede Fitness, maker of a connected strength machine designed for athletes. Dan discusses going from an injury-prone college athlete to partnering with aerospace engineers to create the first smart strength equipment to focus on isokinetic training.

, fitness-industry speede
February 23, 2022Connected Rowing Startup Aviron Raises $18.5M as Competition Heats Up

Aviron, makers of a gamified connected rowing machine, secured $18.5M in a Series A round led by growth equity firm Stripes, with participation from Global Founders Capital, Formic Ventures, and 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov.

, aviron fitness-industry
February 23, 2022Startup Q&A: Speede Fitness Co-founder Dan Mooney

In this Q&A, you’ll hear from Dan Mooney, co-founder of Speede Fitness, maker of a connected strength machine designed for athletes.

February 22, 2022CLMBR: Community Choice Prize Category Winner

Notable Sports & Recreation Award, Core77 Design Awards 2021

February 22, 2022Fitt Insider: The State of Supplements

Around the start of the pandemic, we covered the surge in demand for supplements. Two years in, and on track to top $505B by 2028, the category shows no signs of slowing down.

February 15, 2022Fitt Insider: Healthcare-Funded Fitness

The gym is being unbundled. Exercise seekers are opting for hybrid workouts. In turn, fitness operators are scaling up omnichannel offerings.

, fitness-industry wellness
February 14, 2022Digital Dance Platforms Find Their Groove

Take it back now y’all. Pre-pandemic, dance studios were all the rage. Between Jazzercise classes and dance cardio workouts, exercisers across the world were breaking it down.

February 9, 2022Habit Change: What would persuade you to change?

‘Megastudies’ are teasing out what helps people to behave differently.

February 8, 2022Fitt Insider: Fitness Comes Full Circle

After two years of on-again, off-again gym closures and a workout-from-home boom, the fitness industry is trying to find its footing.

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February 3, 2022Fitt Insider: web3 x Fitness

Over the past several months, the web3 movement of a new, decentralized internet arrived in full force.

February 1, 2022Fitt Insider Podcast: Mohammed Iqbal, Founder and CEO of SweatWorks

Today I’m joined by Mohammed Iqbal, Founder and CEO of SweatWorks — a digital agency that powers top fitness and wellness brands.

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January 25, 2022Fitt Insider: Zwift’s Fitness Metaverse

Inspired by the concept of virtual competition in 2014, Zwift co-founder Eric Min set out to improve the indoor cycling experience.

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January 25, 2022Cityrow launches Apple Watch integration on its at-home rowing equipment

Cityrow has launched Apple Watch integration on its flagship Max Rower workout machine, becoming the first company to offer a smart rower compatible with Apple’s chief health wearable.

, , apple cityrow wearables hardware
January 21, 2022Light sensors on wearables struggle with dark skin and obesity

Light sensors used to track heart rate in wearable devices like the Apple Watch Series 5 and the Fitbit Versa 2 don’t work as well on darker skin or people with obesity, according to modeling done in a new study.

, apple wearables hardware
January 18, 2022First-of-its-kind wearable, noninvasive blood sugar monitor

Now, with a new wearable device created by Penn State researchers, less intrusive glucose monitoring could become the norm.

, health wearables hardware
January 18, 2022Peloton hires McKinsey to review cost structure; cycle maker may cut jobs, close stores

Peloton is working with management consulting group McKinsey & Co. to review its cost structure and potentially eliminate some jobs, CNBC has learned.

January 18, 2022Creativity Is the Cheat Code: How Peloton Empowers Its Teams To Shake Things Up

Creativity, ingenuity and authenticity are concepts Peloton values deeply for its Members.

January 18, 2022Fitt Insider: Next-Gen Health Wearables

Targeting the trillion-dollar healthcare market, the wrist wars are heating up. But step trackers and smartwatches were just the beginning. From smart clothing to contact lenses and skin patches, the next generation of health wearables is taking shape.

, health wearables hardware
January 16, 2022Apple’s AR/VR headset could be priced above $2,000, feature M1 Pro-like performance

A Friday report indicated that Apple was having trouble with its rumored AR/VR headset due to overheating, camera, and software challenges, which could make the company delay its plans to unveil its Mixed Reality headset this year.

, , , , apple apple-fitness tech-vr tech-ar vr-fitness
January 14, 2022Google TV exploring fitness, smart home control, and other new features for 2022

Caruso called fitness a “big area of exploration,” and cited Android’s recent smart home control changes.

, fitness-tech google
January 14, 2022The 2022 tech trends everyone will be talking about this year

Commentary: Amid the futurist dreams of robots, the metaverse and autonomous transportation at CES 2022, there are real products calling out to your shopping cart.

January 11, 2022These Are the 5 Covid-Driven A.I. Trends That Are Changing Health Care

For all of its ills, Covid-19 has supercharged consumerism in America’s health care system, offering tantalizing opportunities for companies interested in lowering health care costs and increasing access to quality medical care.

, health tech-ai
January 11, 2022NordicTrack’s new Alexa-controlled weights go from 5 to 50 pounds in seconds

“Alexa, set my weights to 15 pounds,” I say, and in a split second, the dumbbells at my feet are 15 pounds.

, fitness-tech nordic-track
January 11, 2022Fitt Insider: Nike’s Digital Transformation

Since the start of the pandemic, activewear has gone from trendy to essential. The indisputable king, Nike is poised to continue its decades-long domination.

, fitness-industry nike
January 6, 2022Review: Future Forgoes Face-to-Face for Virtual Personal Training

If the past two years have made anything certain in the fitness industry, it’s that the old model of “gym or bust” is dead and gone.

January 5, 2022The best new wearables launched at CES 2022: Garmin, Skagen, Razer, and more

CES is always a hotspot for new wearables, and this year’s trade show is no different.

wearables hardware
January 4, 2022Wellness in 2030: McKinsey predicts hot future wellness trends

COVID-19 is accelerating interest in wellness as more consumers have been faced with the importance of taking care of their health and wellbeing.

, fitness-industry fitness-research
January 4, 2022Fitt Insider: What’s Trending in 2022

Kicking off a new year, today, we’re exploring what’s next in health and fitness.

January 2, 2022Will Movano Ring Become the Most Affordable Health Device?

The tech wearable for people, not patients, says CEO. The ring will be showcased at CES in 2022.

, , fitness-tech movano wearables hardware
January 1, 2022Gensler Design Forecast 2022

December 21, 2021Google Assembles an Apple Watch Competitor

Google is reportedly launching its flagship watch in 2022.

, google wearables hardware
December 21, 2021Fitt Insider: The Business of Sustainability

From recycling shoes to tracing materials, sustainability is becoming table stakes for health and wellness brands. But going green is often easier said than done.

December 16, 2021Peloton rival Echelon’s new connected bike is fit for the club

While Peloton is the most familiar name in connected fitness, Echelon’s bikes are probably the ones you’ve seen before without noticing.

, , echelon fitness-tech peloton
December 15, 2021Amazon Halo View Review: The Fitibit Clone No One Asked For

The Halo View is actually Amazon’s second foray into fitness trackers.

, , amazon-halo fitness-tech wearables hardware
December 14, 2021Digital Futures – A review of the digital maturity and digital effectiveness of the UK’s fitness and leisure sector

Digital Futures has been designed to support the fitness and leisure sector to measure its digital maturity and effectiveness.

, fitness-industry fitness-tech
December 14, 2021Wellness Economy: Which Sectors Will Make it a $7 Trillion Industry?

Global Wellness Institute released its report, “The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID, December 2021,” and rounded up the victors and duds of the pandemic and gave insight on what’s ahead. The report, prepared by Ophelia Yeung and Katherine Johnston, with contributions from Tonia Callender, says that the wellness economy now comprises eleven sectors with the latest addition of mental wellness.

December 14, 2021Simple Interventions Increase Gym Visits, Study Finds

Offering rewards and focusing on a fear of missing out on a trend are ways to increase gym visits and change exercise behavior, according to the Behavior Change for Good (BCFG) study that the University of Pennsylvania conducted with 24 Hour Fitness, San Ramon, California.

December 14, 2021Fitt Insider: WHOOP’s High-Performance Platform

In a world that glorifies the grind, WHOOP champions rest and recovery. Measuring strain rather than steps, the wearable tech company is driving a paradigm shift.

, , fitness-tech wearables whoop hardware
December 14, 2021Fitt Insider: WHOOP’s High-Performance Platform

In a world that glorifies the grind, WHOOP champions rest and recovery. Measuring strain rather than steps, the wearable tech company is driving a paradigm shift.

December 10, 2021Study unlocks the secrets to developing a regular workout habit

What motivates people to go to the gym more often? Emails, text messages and really small cash rewards.

December 7, 2021Fitt Insider: The Mental Health Gym

In search of clarity, sanity, or spirituality, mindfulness is a powerful practice. A step further, in pursuit of high performance, mastering the “mental muscle” has become yet another facet of health to optimize. From cognitive resilience to emotional health, mental fitness is bulking up.

, mental-health wellness
December 7, 2021Hybrid Fitness Revenue Expected to Almost Double to $1.2 Trillion in 2025, Per Report

The fitness segment of the wellness industry experienced a 37.1 percent decline in spending in 2020, but it is expected to rebound with the hybrid brick-and-mortar and digital fitness segment anticipated to grow from $738 billion in 2020 to $1.2 trillion in 2025.

December 6, 2021Wearables Shipments Grew 9.9% in the Third Quarter of 2021

Global shipments for wearables grew 9.9% during the third quarter of 2021 (3Q21) reaching 138.4 million units, according to new data from the International Data Corporation.

, fitness-tech wearables hardware
December 3, 20214 Reasons Why You Should Enter the Health and Wellness Industry Now

For executives and entrepreneurs who are in other industries, entering the health and wellness industry might be a smart move.

, health wellness
December 1, 2021Peloton Annual Report 2021

Peloton Annual Report 2021

November 23, 2021MYX II Plus fitness bike review: Watch out, Peloton

This sleek stationary bike is easy to adjust for height and resistance and offers a plethora of classes that you can do on and off the bike for a full-body workout experience.

November 23, 2021Fitness Insider: Tracking Strava’s Rise

Founded in 2009, Strava has become the preeminent social network for athletes. But the path has been anything but smooth. The company has endured privacy fiascos, overhauled management, and changed course on its way to a $1.5B valuation.

November 23, 2021For travelers with disabilities, video games are windows to the world

Advanced technologies create outdoor environments so vivid that players can reap real-life health benefits at home.

November 23, 2021Tracking Strava’s Rise

The company has endured privacy fiascos, overhauled management, and changed course on its way to a $1.5B valuation.

, fitness-tech strava
November 19, 2021Nike’s New Mind Sets Program Will Focus on Mental, Not Physical, Health

The “uplifting” new program is a “movement series designed for the mind”.

, nike wellness
November 12, 2021Bellabeat’s Ivy bracelet tries to do it all — but it can only do some

Wellness startup Bellabeat, which has primarily marketed its wearable health trackers to women, recently introduced Ivy, a stylish, comfortable health tracker with a long-lasting battery life, poised as a prettier version of a Fitbit. But the accompanying subscription “Coach” software supporting the new bracelet feels like it’s still in beta, which is concerning for a product aiming to offer health guidance to real-world users.

, , health wearables wellness hardware
November 11, 2021For travelers with disabilities, video games are windows to the world

Virtual reality is more accessible than ever, even to those who don’t consider themselves particularly tech-savvy — and its potential as a fitness game changer is increasingly clear.

November 8, 2021How Personalized Health Can Extend your Lifespan

Daniel Zahler on how technology can help us find the optimal diet to promote personalized health.

, health wellness
November 2, 2021Xsens set to make its high-end motion analysis tech available for physical activity practitioners

Physiotherapists, fitness coaches and other physical health practitioners will be offered access to leading motion analysis technology normally only available to top universities and elite sports clubs.

, tech-motion-analysis xsens
November 2, 2021Liteboxer, the Peloton of boxing, raises $20 million Series A

Liteboxer launched publicly to the world in July of 2020, announcing an in-home device that brings gamification, hit music and a touch of entertainment to a boxing workout.

, fitness-tech liteboxer
November 2, 2021Smart Strength: MIRROR Launches Connected Dumbbells and Ankle Weights

lululemon-owned MIRROR is launching connected dumbbells and ankle weights.

, , fitness-tech lululemon mirror
November 2, 2021Tempo Move is a home gym that uses iPhone cameras for body tracking

The Move uses Face ID and lidar to track body movement, arriving in December.

, , , fitness-tech tech-lidar tech-motion-analysis tempo
November 1, 2021Peloton classes are coming to your next Delta flight

The fitness company is partnering with Delta Air Lines to bring some of its classes to the airline’s in-flight entertainment systems.

, , fitness-industry fitness-tech peloton
October 28, 2021Active Pack accessories prepare your Oculus Quest 2 for sweaty VR workouts

Keep your headset from getting gross

, , , , fitness-tech meta oculus tech-vr vr-fitness
October 28, 2021Facebook’s Meta watch has a camera notch, according to first leaked image

In the first leaked images of Facebook’s smartwatch, it’s clear: there’s a notch, which is the kind of thing people love to make fun of, and what appears to be a front-facing camera.

, , , fitness-tech health meta wearables hardware
October 28, 2021Zuckerberg on the Quest 2 as a fitness device — ‘It’s kind of like a Peloton’

Facebook wants the Quest 2 to be known as more than a game console for your face.

, , meta tech-vr vr-fitness
October 26, 2021Twitter founder Jack Dorsey backs mindfulness app Open in US$9m funding round

Mental health and mindfulness app Open has completed a Series A funding round worth US$9m, with Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey among the high-profile investors.

October 26, 2021Issue No. 154: Recreation’s Renaissance

A silver lining to the pandemic, more Americans than ever found solace in outdoor activities.

October 26, 2021Supernatural, the VR workout app, adds boxing for more variety

Supernatural, the Beat Saber-like VR app for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 that gets you to work up a sweat by beating targets with virtual bats

, , , fitness-tech meta oculus vr-fitness
October 26, 2021Oura’s gen-3 fitness ring arrives with improved sensors, custom content

Oura has succeeded on the strength of cramming an impressive number of sensors into a discrete package, offering some quality insights into things like workouts and sleep.

, , , fitness-tech health wearables wellness hardware
October 26, 2021Peloton or the gym? More people are choosing both. What that means for the fitness industry

While demand for home fitness equipment has slowed from 2020′s frantic pace, it is still growing.

, fitness-industry fitness-tech
October 26, 2021Is the New “Peloton of Vertical Climbers” Worth Its Nearly $3,000 Price Tag?

We recently tested out CLMBR at a showroom in SoHo. We left impressed.

, clmbr fitness-tech
October 25, 2021Apple again reported to be working on blood glucose monitoring for Apple Watch

A new report claims that suppliers are developing a blood glucose monitor with Apple, using short-wavelength infrared sensors intended for the Apple Watch.

, , apple health wearables hardware
October 22, 2021Amazon Care

Healthcare made easy. Skip the waiting room and start a virtual primary or urgent care visit from the comfort of your home.

October 22, 2021New Muse S headband uses digital sleeping pills to help you fall back to sleep

Gen 2 of the sleep tracking headband gets new skills and better battery

, , health sleep-tech wearables hardware
October 21, 2021Eight Sleep Partners with 2021 CrossFit Games Winner Justin Medeiros to Champion Sleep Fitness

Fittest Man on Earth Spreads Importance of Sleep Fitness to the Crossfit Community

, , , , crossfit eight-sleep fitness-tech sleep-fitness sleep-tech
October 20, 2021Withings Lands FDA Approval for New Smartwatch

French health tech company Withings will debut its smartwatch in the United States this winter after receiving a first-of-its-kind FDA clearance.

, health wearables hardware
October 19, 2021Group Fitness Goes Digital: The Beachbody Company Launches “BODi”, A Live Connected Fitness Experience Unlike Anything on the Market

BODi – the new interactive premium tier of Beachbody On Demand – offers the immersive, high energy experience of studio fitness classes with the convenience of at-home workouts

, beachbody fitness-tech
October 19, 2021Putting the fear of death into people could be the best way to get them to exercise, study claims

‘The findings provide a basis for fitness app designers to leverage more of illness- and death-related health messages as a persuasive technique to motivate behavior change,’ he said.

October 19, 2021Issue No. 153: wellnessOS

Last week, Mindbody announced it had acquired ClassPass.

, , fitness-tech mindbody wellness
October 19, 2021Dior Is Releasing the Most Fashionable Workout Equipment We’ve Ever Seen

Dior and Technogym are here to deliver high-fashion workout equipment.

, fitness-tech technogym
October 19, 2021The Transformation of the Fitness Industry

Workouts, like work itself, can be done at home, and clubs are learning how to lure customers back.

October 14, 2021Oura Hires Top Peloton Marketer As Its First Chief Marketing Officer To Bring ‘Smart Rings’ Mainstream

The maker of a smart ring popular with celebrities, athletes and wellness advocates has hired one of Peloton’s top marketers to become its first chief marketing officer.

, , fitness-tech health wearables hardware
October 13, 2021Mindbody acquires ClassPass in all-stock deal and secures $500 million investment

ClassPass, the subscription-based fitness marketplace most recently valued at $1 billion, is today announcing that it has been acquired by Mindbody.

, fitness-tech mindbody
October 12, 2021Fitness Insider: Fitness x Healthcare

Last week, CrossFit unveiled its plan to disrupt healthcare. The healthcare system is broken, CrossFit CEO Eric Roza said. And his company is the “logical party” to fix it.

, fitness-industry health
October 12, 2021Issue No. 152: Fitness x Healthcare

The healthcare system is broken, CrossFit CEO Eric Roza said. And his company is the “logical party” to fix it.

, fitness-industry health
October 9, 2021The MYX II Plus bike could be the only home gym equipment you need

The new MYX II Plus is more than just a spin bike. It’s an all-in-one fitness center.

, beachbody myx
October 7, 2021This startup wants to build a needle-free CGM using nanotechnology

Graphwear recently raised $20.5 million, which it plans to use to develop a CGM that uses nanotechnology to measure blood glucose levels.

, health wearables hardware
October 7, 2021Springboard: The Secret History of the First Real Smartphone

October 6, 2021Wearables, Nearables And Airables, Oh My! The Future Of Sleep Technology

Chris Fernandez is the Co-Founder and CEO of EnsoData, the company using AI to more accurately diagnose health conditions.

, , , fitness-tech health sleep-fitness sleep-tech
October 6, 2021Polar announces new Grit X Pro, updates to Vantage V2 and Unite: Wearables for the outdoors

Polar is focused on providing wearables designed to encourage exploring the world around us as we learn to live with COVID-19.

, fitness-tech wearables hardware
October 5, 2021Pullman Power Fitness and Citroën create self-driving fitness pod concept

French car manufacturer Citroën and hotel brand Pullman Hotels & Resorts have partnered to create an autonomous “urban mobile platform” concept, designed to allow people to explore cities while working out.

, fitness-tech hardware
October 5, 2021What is BGP, and what role did it play in Facebook’s massive outage

On Monday, Facebook was completely knocked offline, taking Instagram and WhatsApp (not to mention a few other websites) down with it.

October 5, 2021Issue No. 151: Weight of the World

A complicated and sensitive subject, diet, genetics, lack of exercise, and social environment all play a role. But now, a growing number of digital health startups and biotech companies have emerged, promising to help prevent or treat weight gain.

October 5, 2021Peloton of Pilates: High-tech Reformers Have Arrived

Pilates wants in on the connected fitness boom.

October 4, 2021Les Mills has launched LES MILLS+, the first global omnichannel fitness

Les Mills has launched LES MILLS+, the first global omnichannel fitness offering that bridges the gap between digital and live workouts to provide the ultimate fitness experience.

, fitness-tech les-mills
October 2, 2021Designed To Move Executive Summary

, , fitness-industry fitness-research nike
October 1, 2021Pandemic’s Peloton Obsession Turns to Peloton Fatigue

At-home workouts grew into a cultural phenomenon during lockdowns, but the easing of restrictions has even die-hards idling exercise bikes for fun outside

, fitness-industry peloton
September 29, 2021Using Apple Fitness+

What if you could get the benefits of a that group psychology, without having to spend thousands of pounds?

, , apple-fitness fitness-tech ux-case-study
September 28, 2021Georgia Tech Researchers Create Wireless Brain-Machine Interface

Researchers from Georgia Tech University’s Center for Human-Centric Interfaces and Engineering have created Soft Scalp Electronics (SSE), a wearable wireless electro-encephalography (EEG) device for reading human brain signals.

, engineering-research wearables hardware
September 28, 2021Fitt Insider: The Connected Fitness Update

Since the start of the pandemic, connected fitness has been red hot. But now, there are rumblings that the category is cooling. Were reports proclaiming the death of gyms greatly exaggerated? Let’s take a look.

, fitness-industry fitness-tech
September 28, 2021Amazon Halo View launches alongside new nutrition and fitness features

As a part of the Amazon fall event hosted by the tech giant earlier today, Amazon has announced the new Halo View.

, , amazon-halo fitness-tech wearables hardware
September 28, 2021Meet Astro, a home robot unlike any other

Inventing a helpful, capable robot for your home

, amazon robotics
September 28, 2021Issue No. 150: The Connected Fitness Update

Since the start of the pandemic, connected fitness has been red hot. But now, there are rumblings that the category is cooling.

September 24, 2021Fitness tech startup Hydrow taps artists for latest funding

Hydrow is one of the growing number of ‘Peloton of…’ fitness-tech startups. In its case, it’s the ‘Peloton of rowing’, selling a rowing machine supported by online workout classes and content.

, fitness-tech hydrow
September 23, 2021Study: focus on fitness, not weight loss, to cut dangers of obesity

People should concentrate on exercise and staying fit – rather than dieting and weight loss – when it comes to cutting the risks of living with obesity.

, fitness-industry fitness-research
September 21, 2021Issue No. 149: Investor Insights, Sports Tech Edition

From human performance to media, betting, and NFTs, technology is transforming every aspect of sports.

September 21, 2021Straffr is a smart resistance band that helps you exercise on the go

Meet Straffr, a German startup that’s exhibiting at the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley this week. The company sells a smart fitness band that you can just pop in your backpack and take with you when you hit the road.

September 20, 2021Supersapiens Launches New Real-Time Data Display Wearable, The Supersapiens Energy Band

Supersapiens system, powered by the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, launches the world’s first wearable that easily displays glucose data built specifically for sports performance.

, , , fitness-industry fitness-tech health wearables hardware
September 20, 2021The 2021 GQ Fitness Awards

49 products that will help you work harder, recover smarter, and look fly as hell while you’re doing it.

September 19, 2021Fitt Insider Debrief: Apple Fitness+, On Running, Digital Health, and More

Connected equipment has become the focus of home fitness, but Apple continues to prioritize workout formats that require little or no equipment.

, , apple-fitness fitness-industry fitness-tech
September 17, 2021Smart clothing incoming, as wearables are not going anywhere

Modern wearables are a relatively niche market, and have a ways to go before reaching mass adoption. However, the wearable market has gained a competitive edge in recent years.

, , fitness-tech smart-apparel wearables hardware
September 14, 2021T-Mobile Sets Sights on Smart Apparel, Wearable Tech

A group of specially selected start-ups is joining forces with T-Mobile to transform 5G into a leader in the wellness industry with smart apparel and wearable tech.

, , fitness-tech smart-apparel wearables hardware
September 14, 2021Issue No. 148: The Promise of Personalized Nutrition

magine a world in the not-so-distant future… You wake up and scan your Apple Watch for data on your sleep quality, gut microbiome, and blood glucose levels.

, health wellness
September 14, 2021Apple Fitness Plus is getting Group Workouts and Pilates

Apple has announced a Group Workouts feature for Apple Fitness Plus. Fitness Plus will also be coming to 15 new countries.

, , apple-fitness fitness-industry fitness-tech
September 14, 2021T-Mobile Sets Sights on Smart Apparel, Wearable Tech

A group of specially selected start-ups is joining forces with T-Mobile to transform 5G into a leader in the wellness industry with smart apparel and wearable tech.

, , fitness-tech smart-apparel wearables hardware
September 9, 2021Peloton is launching its own apparel brand that puts it in direct competition with Lululemon and Nike

Peloton, best known for its $2,000 bike (it now offers a cheaper version) and $4,000 treadmill, launched a new apparel brand Thursday, dubbed Peloton Apparel.

, , fitness-industry fitness-tech peloton
September 9, 2021Hydrow is like Peloton in a kayak: I want one and you can try it free at the Selfridges Boathouse Experience

Hydrow is the Peloton of rowing and the only water you need comes from a bottle.

, fitness-tech hydrow
September 8, 2021Whoop’s New Wearable Can Go on Your Wrist—or in Your Clothes

Your workout apparel just got a lot smarter.

, , , fitness-tech smart-apparel wearables whoop hardware
September 8, 2021Whoop Launching Smart Apparel, Secures $200M More in Funding

WHOOP will launch Whoop Body, a line of technical and lifestyle smart apparel.

, , , fitness-tech smart-apparel wearables whoop hardware
September 8, 2021Whoop’s new fitness tracker is better thanks to a battery breakthrough

Fitness company Whoop has a new tracker that squishes five LEDs, four photodiodes, a pulse oximeter, skin temperature sensor, and more into a package that is 33 percent smaller than its predecessor — all while still offering five days of battery life.

, , fitness-tech wearables whoop hardware
September 7, 2021Dyaco Announces a Strategic Investment into STUDIO To Make Connected Fitness Accessible To the Masses

Dyaco recognizes the value of digital content and knows consumers are looking for fitness products that offer a comprehensive connected fitness solution.

, fitness-tech studio
September 7, 2021Women’s health tech brand, Elvie, tops up Series C to $97M

Elvie, the women’s health tech pioneer behind a connected breast pump and smart pelvic floor exerciser, has topped up a Series C which it announced earlier this summer.

, , femtech fitness-tech wearables hardware
September 2, 2021Nextiles is building a more connected future

Nextiles sews circuitry into fabrics providing elegant solutions to track data from anything and everything we interact with.

, , fitness-tech smart-apparel wearables hardware
September 2, 2021VR Fitness Insider

Learn more about VR Fitness here.

, tech-vr vr-fitness
August 31, 2021The Endurance Economy

During the pandemic, running and cycling were the perfect socially distant activities. On the other side, the endurance economy could reach new heights.

, fitness-industry fitness-tech
August 30, 2021Eight Sleep raises $86M as its smart mattress and ‘sleep fitness’ technology approaches $500M valuation

Eight Sleep, which makes “smart” mattresses and mattress covers (for regular mattresses) that use machine learning and other artificial intelligence-based algorithms to improve your sleep both by changing temperature and monitoring other physical parameters to provide an overall picture of your health.

, , , , , eight-sleep fitness-tech hardware health sleep-fitness wellness
August 30, 2021How Peloton is leading the revolution in smart home gyms

Experts say that while the virtual-fitness trend may have been ramping up in recent years, the pandemic accelerated its growth as Americans flocked to brands like Peloton, Tonal, and Mirror.

, fitness-industry peloton
August 25, 2021The evolution of fitness & wellness (Part 1)

Opinion piece on how fitness & wellness experiences have evolved over time and what we can expect to see in the future as technology advances

, fitness-industry fitness-research
August 25, 2021Why this Jay Z-backed home fitness brand opened an IRL gym in the middle of COVID-19

If anything will make you shell out $2,800 for CLMBR Connected, a new vertical climbing machine backed by Jay-Z and Pitbull, it’s this wild new fitness studio in Denver.

, clmbr fitness-tech
August 23, 2021The Ultimate Guide to Health and Fitness Tech for 2021

If you’re looking to drop your quarantine 15, lower your stress level, sleep better, or boost your immunity amid the pandemic, we’ve tested plenty of smart health and fitness products and apps to help you meet your goals. Here’s what we recommend.

, fitness-tech wearables hardware
August 17, 2021Ultrahuman raises $17.5M, touting a wearable blood glucose tracker

Fitness platform Ultrahuman has officially announced a $17.5 million Series B fundraise, with investment coming from early stage fund Alpha Wave Incubation, Steadview Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, Blume Ventures and Utsav Somani’s iSeed fund.

, , , , fitness-tech hardware health ultrahuman wearables
August 10, 2021OpenAI can translate English into code with its new machine learning software Codex

AI research company OpenAI is releasing a new machine learning tool that translates the English language into code. The software is called Codex and is designed to speed up the work of professional programmers, as well as help amateurs get started coding.

August 10, 2021Samsung details new smartwatch chip ahead of Galaxy Watch 4 launch

Samsung has announced the Exynos W920, a new processor designed for smartwatches and other wearables. The company says it’s the world’s first wearable-specific chip to be built on a 5nm process, helping improve performance and efficiency.

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August 6, 2021What I’ve Learned About Working Out in VR

Can virtual reality games count as exercise? Sure. Do they give you a good workout? Depends.

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August 6, 2021CLMBR is coming for Peloton’s throne. Could it be the next must-have at-home workout system?

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August 5, 2021Amazon’s Halo Band can share your heart rate to other apps and workout equipment

Amazon is updating its Halo fitness band today with the ability to share live heart rate information with third-party devices and fitness apps over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The company is currently partnered with NordicTrack for its iFit service, along with Openfit and CLMBR.

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August 3, 2021Fitt Insider: The Business of Glucose Monitoring

Diabetes tech is trending. A product of poor nutrition and sedentary habits, Americans face a metabolic health crisis. Offering a potential solution, a growing number of startups have gone all-in on continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

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August 2, 2021This AI startup can deepfake your loved ones into stardom alongside Hugh Jackman

August 1, 20212021 Wellness Innovation Blueprint

Innovation is underpinning and defining this new era for wellness.

July 28, 2021Avrum Elmakis: “The consumer’s interest is driven by convenience, accessibility, data, and metrics”.

“Climbing has the widest total addressable market”, says Avrum Elmakis, founder and CEO of CLMBR, an ergonomic and innovative vertical climbing machine for the home. He adds: “You’ll see CLMBR as an option in every gym over the next two years”.

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July 27, 2021ePlay and Spartan Announce Partnership for Klocked Fitness App

ePlay Digital Inc. (CSE:EPY)(OTC PINK:EPYFF)(FSE:2NY2) (the “Company”) today announced that it is partnering with Spartan®, the world’s leading endurance sports and extreme wellness brand.

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July 20, 2021Issue No. 140: Something to Believe In

Proving that community is a competitive advantage, companies like CrossFit and SoulCycle rose to prominence as a de facto religion for obsessive, fitness-seeking disciples.

July 20, 2021CityRow raises $12M for connected rowing machines and studios

Founded in 2014 as an in-person rowing studio, CityRow was relatively early to adopt the at-home connected model.

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July 19, 2021Peloton plans to launch an in-app video game where you pedal to control a rolling wheel

Peloton is entering the video game business. Today the company announced its latest idea to get people to exercise: an in-app video game tentatively called Lanebreak.

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July 19, 2021Mark Wahlberg-backed F45 starts trading after a year of sharp declines for fitness clubs

F45 Training Holdings Inc., the fitness studio franchisor backed by actor and producer Mark Walhberg, has gone public after a year in which the health club industry took a beating due to COVID-19.

July 19, 2021Peloton Is Getting Into Gaming

Peloton’s been busy these past few months, releasing new features at a steady clip. The latest? A fitness video game beta called Lanebreak that marks the company’s first foray into gaming.

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July 16, 2021IoT healthcare devices supply data-driven patient support

IoT healthcare devices are helping medical practitioners provide better diagnostics to patients.

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July 12, 2021Aly Orady’s Fast-Growing Tonal Reinvents Fitness Equipment

Tonal is a smart home gym that uses artificial intelligence and coaching to provide strength training that is continuing to innovate the category.

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July 9, 2021Struggling To Stay Mindful? This Is The App To Try Now

After a long, exhausting year, studies show we’re more stressed than we’ve ever been, and since many of us aren’t taking a real break, it’s high time we turned to some small, day-to-day activities to help us summon calm incrementally, rather than in one big holiday-sized go.

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July 2, 2021Tony Robbins Backed Fitness Studio GRIT BXNG Launches At-Home Concept

The team behind GRIT BXNG, including equity holders Tony Robbins, Pitbull and Tim Draper are launching a brand new connected home fitness concept aimed at bridging the gap between cutting edge technology and community.

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July 1, 2021The future of wellness: Connected and customized

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June 27, 2021CycleBar, Club Pilates Owner Xponential Fitness Files for IPO

Xponential Fitness, a holding company of boutique fitness brands, is going public.

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June 27, 2021This AI home gym wants to replace your Peloton

Dylan Zanker, GRIT BXNG Co-Founder joins the Yahoo Finance Live panel to discuss GRIT EPIQ.

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June 23, 2021The chip shortage will likely get worse before it gets better

One of tech’s biggest problems in the past few months has been due to one of its smallest components: chips.

June 22, 2021Post-Pandemic, Future Of Fitness Looks Bright (Radio)

Avrum Elmakis, CEO of CLMBR, discusses the future of fitness and the growing popularity of at-home workouts and subscriptions. Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller.

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June 21, 2021McKinsey: Sweating for the fitness consumer

Fitness customers’ habits have evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering fitness-industry providers the opportunity to reexamine their value propositions and target specific segments.

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June 17, 2021The smart home gym that analyzes your moves will soon have Olympian trainers

Tempo, the company behind the piece of exercise equipment that uses Microsoft Kinect to check your form, is announcing that it’ll have Olympians teach classes on its connected device.

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June 17, 2021Beyond the Bike: The Connected Rowing Wars are Heating Up

As funding flows to home fitness startups, the connected rowing wars are getting interesting.

June 17, 2021Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions Peloton-like fitness subscriptions for VR

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees potential for Peloton-like fitness subscriptions in the future of virtual reality.

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June 16, 2021A new problem for Peloton owners: Hacks

Peloton users are being warned of a new security threat relating to the touchscreen on their Bike+ that could potentially be controlled by hackers.

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June 15, 2021Interview: Sam Cole, Co-founder & CEO of FitXR

Today I’m joined by Sam Cole, co-founder & CEO of FitXR — a virtual fitness club bringing fun and immersive workouts to the home.

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June 7, 2021We Could All Use a Health Coach

Health coaches can give patients the tools they need to improve their own care and well-being, but they aren’t widely available.

June 4, 2021What the Global Shipping Crunch Means for Small Business

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, global supply chains slowed. Some shipping and transit companies shut down altogether, anticipating an extreme dearth of consumer retail.

June 3, 2021Amazon Halo will use your smartphone camera to assess your ‘Movement Health’

Amazon’s fitness service tries to measure your tone of voice, body fat, and now flexibility

June 1, 2021Fitt Insider: The Outdoor Economy

Bolstered by pandemic tailwinds, there’s a growing opportunity in the great outdoors.

June 1, 2021Annual Predictions Report: Fitness & Recovery

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May 28, 2021EXCLUSIVE: Beachbody CEO Talks At-Home Workouts, Growth Potential, Partnerships On ‘SPACs Attack’

Beachbody Co. is set to go public via the special purpose acquisition company Forest Road Acquisition Corp NYSEFRX in a $2.9-billion deal.

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April 28, 2021Gamified connecting rowing machine maker Ergatta raises $30M

“We are creating a new paradigm for digital fitness content that leverages games and competition, rather than instructors”

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April 22, 2021Olympic Virtual Series

People from all around the globe joined us for a day of virtual sports as the inaugural Olympic Virtual Series reached its exciting final day!

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April 13, 2021The Best Thing to Do in VR is Workout

My guest on Decoder this week is Chris Milk, founder and CEO of Within — which makes Supernatural. Milk has been making VR experiences for a long time — he’s a true pioneer of the field. Supernatural feels like his biggest hit yet, and it feels like fitness might be the perfect application for VR — the one that makes people go out and buy a VR headset just to use.

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April 8, 2021McKinsey: Feeling good: The future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market

Our new survey shows that a rise in consumer interest and purchasing power presents opportunities across markets, especially as consumer spending rebounds.

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April 8, 2021Feeling good: The future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market

Our new survey shows that a rise in consumer interest and purchasing power presents opportunities across markets, especially as consumer spending rebounds.

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March 31, 2021Lululemon more than doubles e-commerce in 2020

Even with a pandemic that limited store capacity and left store comps down 28% in Q4, 2020 was a growth year for Lululemon.

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December 8, 2020Online/Virtual Fitness Market Is Expected to Reach $59.23 Billion by 2027, Exclusive Report by AMR

According to the report published by Portland based research firm, Allied Market Research, the global online/virtual fitness market was estimated at $6.04 billion in 2019 and is expected to hit $59.23 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 33.1% from 2020 to 2027.

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January 8, 2020How ‘Muscle Confusion’ Might Help Your Workouts

Shifting, quicksilver workouts may yield mental benefits that more rote regimens do not.

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November 19, 2015Blood Sugar Levels in Response to Foods Are Highly Individual

The largest study of its kind supports the need for personalized dietary recommendations.

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April 9, 2015Received social support and exercising: An intervention study to test the enabling hypothesis

Received social support is considered important for health-enhancing exercise participation.