An overview of Peloton.

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Peloton was founded in 2012 and launched in 2014. The company started with the Peloton connected bike to bring the boutique indoor-cycling experience in the home. Peloton has expanded its products and offerings to include a treadmill, heart rate monitor, and app with off-the-bike exercises such as running, yoga, strength training, bootcamp, and meditation.

The live cycling classes are broadcasted from their New York City studio and London studio which feeds into the great appeal of the instructors. The instructors are a huge selling point with large followings outside of Peloton.



Peloton uses technology and design to connect the world through fitness, empowering people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, anytime.



Put members first

Operate with a bias for action

Empower teams of smart creatives

Be the best place to work

Together we go far

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  1. Connected Bikes
  2. Treadmill
  3. Strength-Training Experience
  4. App
  5. Accessories (Cycling Shoes, Dumbbells, HRM, etc.)
  6. Apparel



Barry McCarthy, President & Chief Executive Officer

John Foley, Co-founder & Executive Chair

Kevin Cornils, Chief Commercial Officer

Tom Cortese, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Hisao Kushi, Co-founder & Chief Legal Officer

Jill Woodworth, Chief Financial Officer

Dion Camp Sanders, Chief Strategy Officer

Shari Eaton, SVP, Global Head of People

Jennifer Cotter, Chief Content Officer



A Peloton Membership offers cycling classes for riders at every level. Learn more about the Bike class types below:

ARTIST SERIES Ride along to curated playlists of your favorite artists like A$AP Ferg, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Lizzo and Weezer.

Good for: Those ready to sweat it out to their favorite artist’s biggest hits.

BEGINNER Intimidation-free rides which introduce proper form and safe, endurance-building techniques. Advanced beginner rides pick up where beginner leaves off; you will ride longer and be introduced to a few more beginner concepts and techniques.

Good for: New riders.

GENRE Our instructors build genre-specific playlists for a variety of tastes, from hip hop to classic rock.

Good for: A music-first workout.

LOW IMPACT Low impact rides that help warm-up, cool down or get your heart rate pumping without stressing your joints. Enjoy a smooth, easily accessible ride for all levels.

Good for: Those looking for an easier ride.

LIVE DJ Top DJs join our instructors for these rides, offering current playlists and a club-like feel.

Good for: A fun-first workout.

PRO CYCLIST Ride alongside professional road cyclists to sharpen both studio and road cycling skills. Members will be lead through finely-tuned intervals, recovery periods and training. If you’re looking for pro tips, techniques and great racing stories – this ride is for you.

Good for: Outdoor riders, riders looking for a challenge.

CLIMB A climb ride creates the sensation of climbing uphill by pushing efficient cadences against higher resistance.

Good for: Building strength.

HEART RATE ZONE Heart Rate Zone training is a method based on 5 zones of effort. Zone 1 is very easy and 5 is very challenging.

Good for: A cardio-focused ride.

INTERVALS & ARMS Boost your speed, endurance, and arm strength as you alternate between bursts of effort and Light Weight segments, followed by recovery.

Good for: Riders looking for a challenge.

THEME Celebrate favorite holidays, music decades, artists, and genres in these tough, fun-filled workouts.

Good for: A fun-first workout.

TABATA This high-impact style of interval ride gives you a 2:1 ratio of effort to recovery, pumping you with energy and the power to take on your next challenge.

Good for: Those looking for a challenge.

POWER ZONE During this class, your instructor will cue specific Power Zones (1-7), which correspond to personalized output ranges.

Good for: Those looking for a structured workout.

SIGNATURE SERIES What happens in these classes is totally up to the instructor, based on their personality, music taste, and training style.

Good for: Those who want to ride with their favorite instructor.

SCENIC RIDES Take riders on a peaceful ride through beautiful landscapes and cities.

Good for: Those looking to go at their own pace.



  1. Peloton All-Access Membership – $39/monthMembership can apply to the entire household. Create profiles for everyone in your home so they can access the entire library of classes from your Peloton Bike, Tread and the Peloton App. Minimum age, height and weight restrictions apply.
  2. Peloton App Membership – 12.99/monthUse the Peloton App to access thousands of classes and train with equipment or none at all on your phone, tablet, TV and web.



Peloton Bike


Peloton Tread+


Peloton App



Your Cadence, measured in RPMs (rotations per minute), is how fast you’re pedaling.

Resistance, measured as a percentage of the maximum resistance (0 – 100 percent), is your level of difficulty, which can be set by turning the resistance knob. Turn the knob right to increase difficulty and left to decrease difficulty.

Your Output, measured in Watts, is how much power you are exerting at any point in time. You can increase your output by increasing your cadence, your resistance, or both.

Total Output, measured in KJ (kilojoules), is how much work you’ve done over the whole ride. This is calculated by taking the average output times the number of seconds in the ride divided by 1,000. For instance, if you average 100 Watts in a 2,700-second ride (45 minutes), your total output will be 270 KJ. If you want to increase your total output and move up the leaderboard, you’ll need to keep your output high over the full ride. This may mean increasing your resistance, possibly even above what the coach recommends.

How The Peloton Bike Calculates Power Output (Watts) Each Bike is equipped with hall effect sensors for measuring flywheel rotational speed (to capture cadence) and resistance. The sensors reference the Output values on the sensor control board and communicate these values to the Peloton HD touchscreen multiple times per second during a ride.

The Peloton leaderboard, resetting your personal record, and Output readings are intended to be fun and useful tools, offering directional performance measurement that helps riders motivate and achieve their individual fitness goals. In order to continue to challenge your fitness goals, the ability to reset your PR score can be done in your Profile setting on your Peloton Bike.