Groundbreaking facial recognition technology for events


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So you just competed at a local CrossFit throwdown. Or Obstacle Course Race. Or completed your first marathon…

Of course, the next thing on your mind is finding pictures of yourself competing, because if you don’t have pictures to post on social media, it never happened, right?

A day, two days, one week goes by, and you find yourself growing impatient waiting for a photo album of the event to be posted on Facebook so you can scroll for pictures of yourself.



Don”t wait two weeks to find a picture of you and your teammates!


First world problems, yes, but annoying, nonetheless.


Sweatworks has a much more effective, accurate and timely way to track down pictures of yourself from various fitness and adventure races: It involves face recognition technology.


CEO and Sweatworks founder Mohammed Iqbal explained why his digital agency has ventured down this path.


“Photos are a big problem when it comes to events and festivals. In the past, traditional marathon or event photography would identify people in pictures based on their bib number. Basically pictures would be uploaded and then they would hire people to “tag” people in the pictures, and a week later participants would have access to the photos,” Iqbal explained. Event participants are expecting their photos within a day, while event organizers and missing out on a great opportunity to have increased engagement, he added.


Another traditional mechanism for photo identification from events is RFID-radio frequency identification that essentially uses chip timing to identify the person in the picture. One of the shortcomings for RFID is that events like Tough Mudder or Color Run aren’t timed events, and often people rip their bibs off during the race, or they get so dirty and muddy it’s impossible to see their bib number, so they’re never able to track down great shots of themselves from the event. The same is true of CrossFit events, where there are no chips or bibs to identify participants.


“All these great photos get taken, but how do you find them? You just have to hope people tag you in them,” Iqbal said. “We wanted to solve this problem. We want you to have pictures that day.”


So his company created an uploading structure to make it easier both to post pictures immediately, and to provide instant access for people to identify themselves in the pictures.


How the new technology works is pictures from the event are uploaded to their website. From there, your snap a selfie of themselves and upload it to the website, and then facial recognition technology does the work to find all the pictures of you. Most photos are discovered in 5 seconds or less!


Check out how it works HERE!


Sweatworks launched the software in August of this year, and already one million participants from various events-from Obstacle Course races to CrossFit events to fun runs-have run through the website to find shots of themselves.


“It’s really amazing technology. It’s groundbreaking. Any CrossFit event should use it,” Iqbal said. “You can even watermark images, so sponsors and your event can gain more traction. So it will help build more engagement for your event, too. Photos are truly the best way to spread the excitement of your event: We have made that process easier and faster.”



In early 2018, SweatWorks is adding the ability for events to charge for photos, if they chose to, and even purchase additional items, such as print photos, t-shirts and photo books.


The software is available for events and event photographers. To find out more, reach out to






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