Wellness Economy: Which Sectors Will Make it a $7 Trillion Industry?

Global Wellness Institute released its report, “The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID, December 2021,” and rounded up the victors and duds of the pandemic and gave insight on what’s ahead. The report, prepared by Ophelia Yeung and Katherine Johnston, with contributions from Tonia Callender, says that the wellness economy now comprises eleven sectors with the latest addition of mental wellness.

Fitt Insider: The Mental Health Gym

In search of clarity, sanity, or spirituality, mindfulness is a powerful practice. A step further, in pursuit of high performance, mastering the “mental muscle” has become yet another facet of health to optimize. From cognitive resilience to emotional health, mental fitness is bulking up.

Bellabeat’s Ivy bracelet tries to do it all — but it can only do some

Wellness startup Bellabeat, which has primarily marketed its wearable health trackers to women, recently introduced Ivy, a stylish, comfortable health tracker with a long-lasting battery life, poised as a prettier version of a Fitbit. But the accompanying subscription “Coach” software supporting the new bracelet feels like it’s still in beta, which is concerning for a product aiming to offer health guidance to real-world users.

Struggling To Stay Mindful? This Is The App To Try Now

After a long, exhausting year, studies show we’re more stressed than we’ve ever been, and since many of us aren’t taking a real break, it’s high time we turned to some small, day-to-day activities to help us summon calm incrementally, rather than in one big holiday-sized go.