Fitt Insider: Rowing Wars

As the fitness industry tries to find its footing, a few modalities and content formats, in particular, are gaining traction.

Startup Q&A: Speede Fitness Co-founder Dan Mooney

In this Q&A, you’ll hear from Dan Mooney, co-founder of Speede Fitness, maker of a connected strength machine designed for athletes. Dan discusses going from an injury-prone college athlete to partnering with aerospace engineers to create the first smart strength equipment to focus on isokinetic training.

Digital Dance Platforms Find Their Groove

Take it back now y’all. Pre-pandemic, dance studios were all the rage. Between Jazzercise classes and dance cardio workouts, exercisers across the world were breaking it down.

Fitness Insider: Fitness x Healthcare

Last week, CrossFit unveiled its plan to disrupt healthcare. The healthcare system is broken, CrossFit CEO Eric Roza said. And his company is the “logical party” to fix it.

Fitt Insider: The Connected Fitness Update

Since the start of the pandemic, connected fitness has been red hot. But now, there are rumblings that the category is cooling. Were reports proclaiming the death of gyms greatly exaggerated? Let’s take a look.

The Endurance Economy

During the pandemic, running and cycling were the perfect socially distant activities. On the other side, the endurance economy could reach new heights.

Issue No. 140: Something to Believe In

Proving that community is a competitive advantage, companies like CrossFit and SoulCycle rose to prominence as a de facto religion for obsessive, fitness-seeking disciples.

McKinsey: Sweating for the fitness consumer

Fitness customers’ habits have evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering fitness-industry providers the opportunity to reexamine their value propositions and target specific segments.